Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control 

Putting processes in place to ensure you get a top-quality product every time

You often hear people use the terms "quality assurance" and "quality control" interchangeably. But the two terms mean very different things. 

Quality Assurance

means setting rules and regulations in place to achieve product quality. QA is proactive and is designed to prevent products that are not up to standard from being manufactured.

Quality Control

means inspecting and testing products against a company's pre-set rules
and regulations. QC is reactive and
is designed to detect and remove
any products not up to standard.

ISO 9001:2015

means that Kason has met the strict requirements of ISO 9001, which defines a stringent Quality Management System (QMS). ISO 9001 is focused on meeting customer expectations and delivering customer satisfaction.

The Kason Difference

Kason Industries is committed to producing consistent, superior quality products that our customers will rely on for years to come. That's why we have implemented a quality management system to ensure our products always meet or exceed our exacting standards.

Quality Management processes save 

We have built a strong reputation for superior craftsmanship and product innovation over the last 90 years. But most of all - we pride ourselves on providing you, our customers, with the the highest level of service and solutions for your hardware needs. Our products are designed to protect and enhance your company's reputation. You can always depend on Kason to deliver when you need it most.